The Zero Emission Marine ecosystem is an opportunity to network and collaborate in projects related to the decarbonisation of marine sector with the lead of Wärtsilä.

Business Finland challenges global companies to lead ecosystems that consist of organisations of different size and focus. Wärtsilä, among several others, is one of these leading “Veturi” companies. The proposed projects are committed to solve significant future challenges and have a remarkable impact on the R&D&I (Research, Development and Innovation) target of 4% and the employment target of 75% laid down in the Government Programme in Finland.

The ZEM ecosystem will engage different players from all parts of the marine sector to collaborate in addressing questions related to decarbonisation. Wärtsilä will arrange events and workshops where members can ideate and inform each other of their innovations. Knowledge will be shared by active communication through regular newsletters.

A key activity of the ZEM ecosystem is to recognise gaps in the R&D landscape with the lead of the Veturi company Wärtsilä and bring together partners and initiate the planning of new projects in collaboration.


A zero-emission marine future


Creating an economically compelling zero-emission marine ecosystem driving sustainable technology solutions and services


With the ecosystem’s collective over 300 million euro increase in R&D spend over the coming years, we will develop new competitive skills, human capital and world-class services and solutions, enabling the creation of additional annual revenue to Finland of one billion euros per year by 2030.
This will enable us to reach 60% GHG reduction in the maritime industry by 2030 and by 2050 all the Wärtsilä Veturi ecosystem products are carbon-neutral or carbon-negative

Players with innovative ideas related to the ZEM themes are welcome to join the ecosystem! We are looking for companies and organisations that share the same vision of a Zero Emission Marine future. The ecosystem provides its members a possibility to collaborate on new innovative concepts and business opportunities to enable the transition to a more sustainable future. The projects aim to develop new concepts and new business opportunities to strengthen the global marine sector. We will bring together cross-discipline players and enable end-to-end value chain cooperation.

Anyone can join the ecosystem by ordering the ZEM newsletter. Selected organisations with innovative project ideas are invited as ecosystem partners to initiate research projects in collaboration with Wärtsilä.





ZEM roadmap describes the strategic topics which are vital for the maritime decarbonisation on a global level and the schedule at which they are addressed by Wärtsilä.

The ecosystem members are invited to ideate projects and create solutions related specifically to the topics below. Co-operation in EU projects from the same field is highly beneficial and ecosystem members are encouraged to seek opportunities there as well.

Some of the topics are directly in the core of Wärtsilä business but in some topics the effort of the ecosystem is in a ground-breaking role to reach success in the challenges of maritime decarbonisation. The following charts depict the share of activities which are expected and to which Wärtsilä will rely on from the ecosystem collaboration.

“No one can achieve these ambitious targets on their own, but this unique maritime co-operation body can turn vision into reality."
Hannu Mäntymaa, Managing Director of Wärtsilä Finland

New Technologies


Green Fuels


Optimised Operations


Business Models

Wärtsilä’s effort
Ecosystem effort

Research topics

The ecosystem members are invited to ideate projects and create solutions related specifically to the topics below. Co-operation in EU projects from the same field is highly beneficial and ecosystem members are encouraged to seek opportunities there as well.

Knowledge creation

  • Risk management
  • Sector coupling and regulations
  • Green fuel material questions
  • Resilience
  • Emission monitoring
  • Cyber-security
  • Safety

Simulations / Modelling

  • Combustion concepts
  • Engine and propulsion efficiency
  • Energy optimization & AI
  • Emission forecasting with data models
  • Data models and API
  • Integration pilots for applications

New Solutions

  • Ex-Situ Methanation
  • Green Fuel storage and logistics
  • Emission reduction concepts (gas, noise)
  • Cloud application platform and interfaces
  • Commercial models for fuel and emission reduction
  • Commercial lifecycle models for alternative fuels

Market Studies

  • Socio-economic study
  • Combustion concepts
  • Green fuel cost & availability

For Finnish companies, ZEM ecosystem provides an opportunity to apply for funding from Business Finland funding scheme for leading companies i.e. Veturi funding. Collaboration between Veturis is highly supported!

Non-Finnish parties are also welcome to participate in the ecosystem projects but the Business Finland funding opportunity does not apply. EU funding opportunities are also highly recommended and beneficial for the Finnish ecosystem.

Applying for Business Finland funding requires discussion on the project topic with the ZEM management. Contact us!

The next application deadline is 13.4.2023. Here you can find useful information from the Business Finland website, also providing instructions for applying for Veturi funding.

Business Finland instructions

ZEM presentation slides can be shared when presenting or pitching about ZEM and the opportunities it offers. Feel free to use these slides based on your needs!

Zero Emission Marine presentation slides

How to join the ecosystem?

If you have an innovative project idea related to the ZEM themes and want to join the ecosystem, leave us your contact details and a short description, and we will get back to you!
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