ZEM Midway Event 2024

ZEM has reached its midpoint, and it has been a fantastic journey together so far. We want to continue exploring future collaboration opportunities and we would therefore like to invite the ecosystem to meet and look towards the horizon together. What can we still accomplish and where can we find synergies?

We would like to invite the ZEM ecosystem to further discuss and elaborate on potential interesting project ideas together at Wärtsilä´s Sustainable Technology Hub in Vaasa on June 3 at 11.30 – 16.00.

Thank you for signing up! The event no longer accept sign ups.

Midway Event programme

11.20 Transportation from the train station

11:30 Lunch

12:15 Welcome

12.25 ZEM status update

12.35 Pitching ideas slot 1

13.00 Workshop 1

13.45 Pitching ideas slot 2

14.25 Workshop 2

15.10 Outcomes of the workshop

14.45 Closing

16.00 Transportation to the train station

18.00 Dinner at Strampen

Coffee will be served throughout the event.