ZEM has reached its midpoint – New ideas ignited at ZEM Midway Event

Wärtsilä’s first leading company project, Zero Emission Marne (ZEM), is halfway. This means that we still have about two years to innovate, ideate, and apply for Business Finland funding under the ZEM ecosystem umbrella.  

To speed up the ideation, ZEM gathered almost 50 ecosystem members to the ZEM Midway Event arranged on 3 June at our Sustainable Technology Hub in Vaasa. The goal of the event was for people to meet and ideate around potential collaboration themes.

The themes discussed during the event were eight in total, and they enclosed the concepts of, among other things, future fuels, port optimisation and decarbonisation. Out of these themes, we hope to see development of multiple potential leads.

“We can see that we have the potential to find even more synergies in our ZEM ecosystem, and that is why we wanted to invite all interested players to Wärtsilä in Vaasa. For one afternoon, we got together to innovate, ideate, and discuss,” says Kenneth Widell, Project Lead for ZEM.

Moving full speed ahead

So far in the ZEM programme, there are 9 active projects and several applications that have been submitted to Business Finland for review. The goal is to keep the speed with project suggestion submissions.

“I believe that we in our ZEM ecosystem have a lot of potential ideas and new concepts that we can turn into life by combining forces and working together. During the ZEM Midway Event we noticed that we indeed face many of the same challenges in the future, and that there is still untapped potential in the ecosystem. I hope to see that we in the future  will succeed, fail and learn together in the ZEM ecosystem. As long as we expedite the green transition, it is okay to explore even ideas that at first glance may seem a bit crazy.”, says Kenneth.